About the project

For me, the scent of a perfume is a natural extension of fashion That is why I believe it should accompany all my creations. I have been dreaming of creating a perfume collection which now cases my style for many years.

I have always wanted the fashion in my shows to be complemented by exclusive fragrances that work together in perfect intimate union.
The scent of perfume is a sophisticated reminder of a desire shared with another person. It demonstrates our personality, our internal the power we give birth to, the luxury we strive for.
My dream has come true.
Project start
In 2018 Jean-Philippe Kobriner serendip tously met the legendary Russian fashion designer Slava Zaitsev in Paris.

Slava Zaitsev had always had a dream to create a collection of exclusive perfumes that would express the soul of his haute couture collections. These perfumes would be an extension of the fashion he created.

Once he become aware of this desine Jean-Philippe Kobriner drew upon all his talents as a world-class developer to make this dream come true.

Later, they founded the Caesar company, which forms part of the KBR group of companies, of which Jean-Philippe Kobriner is the president.
Slava Zaitsev meets Jean-Philippe Kobriner
Project creation
What seemed i kea magical dream has become possible due to the work of the great perfumers of the historic House of Robertet. Using only the most exquisite raw materials, Maison Robertet created six exclusive fragrances which embody the unique creativity of each individual.

The unique bottle was created by the famous French perfumery designer Sylvie de France. Using Slava Zaitsev’s sketches, she was able to creatively adapt the couturier’s universe, personality and story to in an artistie form to haute parfum.

Today, thanks to the work of this elite Slava Zaitsev is thrilled and excited that this creativity and spirit have been brought to life in this unique perfume collection.

Slava Zaitsev keeps waltzing the Russian soul.
For the project, the greatest talents of the perfumery world were engaged
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Caesar Paris is part of the KBR group and is the official manufacturer of Slava Zaitsev brand perfumes